Meshery Adapter for Kuma

Service Mesh Adapter Status Adapter Version Earliest Supported Mesh Version
Kuma stable v1.2.2

Interactive Lab for Meshery Adapter for Kuma

Try Meshery using a real environment right in your browser with an interactive lab. The interactive labs help you get started and learn how to run Meshery and Kuma in production.

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Kuma can install v1.2.2 of Kuma service mesh. A number of sample applications can be installed using the Meshery Adapter for Kuma.

Install Kuma

Choose the Meshery Adapter for Kuma.

Click on (+) and choose the v1.2.2 of the Kuma service mesh.

Workload Management

The following sample applications are available in this adapter.

  • Bookinfo
    • The sample BookInfo application displays information about a book, similar to a single catalog entry of an online book store.

SMI Conformance Capability

Meshery allows you to analyze the compliance status and functional capabilities of your service mesh. This allows you to compare high-level functional differences between service meshes and verify whether your service mesh is conformant with the SMI specification.

Learn more about the SMI specification and Meshery’s conformance test suite.