Application Management

Meshery’s application management features allows you to store and onboard/offboard applications onto service meshes. Meshery also comes with some sample applications out-of-the-box for you to quickly try out service mesh features.

What is a Meshery Application?

A single file (future: which could be split into multiple files upon user request) that comprises Kubernetes objects representative of a complete set of Kubernetes workload resources.

What is a Meshery Rollout?

"v1" Application = Services + Deployments + ReplicaSets
"v2" Application = Services + Deployments + ReplicaSets (Rollout Strategy) 

You can define the applications as Kubernetes manifest files* as well as pattern files.

You can also import application files from the filesystem, a URL or from a GitHub repository.

See Guide: Application Management for a more detailed guide on working with your applications in Meshery.

Known Caveats:

  • Rollouts do not support custom ServiceAccount names. User’s ServiceAccount name must be the same as the Rollouts name.