Meshery Adapter for Linkerd

Service Mesh Adapter Status Adapter Version Earliest Supported Mesh Version
Linkerd stable v2.10.2

Interactive Lab for Meshery Adapter for Linkerd

Try Meshery using a real environment right in your browser with an interactive lab. The interactive labs help you get started and learn how to run Meshery and Linkerd in production.


  1. Lifecycle management of Linkerd
  2. Lifecycle management of sample applications
  3. Performance testing

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Linkerd can install v2.10.2 of Linkerd service mesh. A number of sample applications can be installed using the Meshery Adapter for Linkerd.

Install Linkerd

Note: Linkerd’s control plane will be deployed to the linkerd namespace. Linkerd does not support deployments of its control plane into namespaces under a different name.

Choose the Meshery Adapter for Linkerd

Click on (+) and choose the v2.10.2 of the Linkerd service mesh.

Sample Applications

The Meshery Adapter for Linkerd includes the ability to deploy a variety of sample applications. Use Meshery to deploy any of these sample applications:

  • Emojivoto

    • A microservice application that allows users to vote for their favorite emoji, and tracks votes received on a leaderboard.
  • Bookinfo

    • The sample BookInfo application displays information about a book, similar to a single catalog entry of an online book store.
  • Linkerd Books

    • A sample application built for demonstrating manage your bookshelf.
  • HTTPbin

    • A simple HTTP Request & Response Service.

Identify overhead involved in running Linkerd, various Linkerd configurations while running different workloads and on different infrastructure. The adapter facilitates data plane and control plane performance testing.

  1. Prometheus integration
  2. Grafana integration

The Meshery Adapter for Linkerd will connect to Linkerd’s Prometheus and Grafana instances running in the control plane.